Sexoledad por Efrain José Martínez Meneses

Sexoledad por Efrain José Martínez Meneses

Titulo del libro: Sexoledad

Autor: Efrain José Martínez Meneses

Número de páginas: 81 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: August 10, 2016

Editor: San Miguel editores

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Efrain José Martínez Meneses con Sexoledad

Considered the pioneer of sexual existentialism; Sexoledad quickly traces the stories of lost beings, of complex worlds, of real people, unmasked by the desire for freedom. The incomprehensible and unmanageable passion runs through the book, its raw stories are confused with the fury and anxiety, of a society that supports decadence with facades of unsustainable prejudices.

"Juanita has a lover, her husband is boring and monotonous. But Juanita's lover is the boring and monotonous husband of another. She knows that it is the possession of people that turns them into furniture ... "

"... Sometimes, she wants me to take her by the waist and whisper my name and many times I also want to, but we remember that we both hate that domestic way of loving each other: subjugated love, that irrational but accepted belonging, of ceasing to be oneself."